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New Construction Developments

The market has never been so enticing to build new construction. The National Association of Homebuilder’s confidence at a 12-year high! Low existing inventory, new designs/locations and interest rates trending higher are just a few reasons why so many homeowners are constructing their owns plans this season! Often homebuyers will stumble upon an open house and start the process with the builders listing agent as it is hard to research all the options with new construction. The builders listing agent is in contract to represent the builder and often the buyer misses out on using their own buyer’s agent representation – that is available at no cost to the buyer. Home builders factor in the buyer’s agent commission prior to the listing so working with a builder’s listing agent, who is in contract to represent the builder’s best interest, can be a crucial initial misstep in starting the 4 to 9-month process of building a new home. Utilizing a buyer’s agent to represent your best interests can help ensure you are seeing all the builder options, designs and to know you have a professional contracted to be on your side throughout the entire process. Would you show up to court without an attorney??

After you decide on your buyer’s agent, how do you find the development and builder that fits your needs? Builders are excellent at their craftsmanship, but often their web presence and marketing cannot truly show their entire skillset. Do you need a builder to carry the construction loan or does it benefit you to do so? Are you going to finance your lot or pay separate from your long-term loan? Will the covenants allow for your dog house, fence, shed and basketball hoop? What is the difference between a community builder or custom? Will you get instant appreciation or do existing homes pull down your comparable numbers? How do you find a lot before it is picked over by all the other shoppers?

Let’s dig into some developments and details of what is going down in the Omaha metro area with new construction. It has taken years to develop relationships to obtain this knowledge, not to mention weekly update and a constant ear to the street on what will be the next hot neighborhood!
Below you will find a mix of developments either already in progress or still pending county approval. Call anytime to get the latest details as all this information is always moving. Go ahead and use these details and start to circle in locations and then let’s work on the rest together!

-Prairie Hills (Sarpy County / Papillion) – South of HWY 370 on 114th St
117 Lots, prices from $300-$400K, Herb Freeman Development Plat Map

-Ashbury Creek (Sarpy County / Papillion) – South of HWY 370 on 114th St
226 Lots, prices from $300-$400K, BHI Development Plat Map

-Pebble Brook 2 (Sarpy County / Gretna) – HWY 370 from 168th to 174th
196 lots, prices $225K and up

-Granite Lake (Sarpy County / Papillion) – 106th & Cornhusker (East side of Northshore)
117 lots, Lakeshore Development, prices from $350K -$500K, BHS Development

-Pioneer View (Sarpy County / Papillion) – 106th Between Lincoln & Cornhusker Rd (East of Settlers Creek)
130 lots, prices from $200K – $300K, MBR Development

-Shadowlake 2 (Sarpy County / Papillion) – 72nd & Capehart (North Side)
181 lots, prices $275K – $450K, John Allen and BHI Development

-Southern Pointe (Sarpy County / Papillion) 114th & Schram Road (West side of Southbrook)
202 Lots, prices from $220 and up

-Westbury Farms (Douglas County / Elkhorn South) 216th & F
279 lots, prices from $300K – $1M, BHI Development

-Blue Sage Creek

-River Oaks (Sarpy County / Millard Schools) 185th & Harrison
Prices from $250K and up

-Garden Oaks (Sarpy County / Millard Schools) 180th & Giles Rd
147 lots, prices from $350K -$900K+, 20+ custom builders

-Sagewood Pointe (Douglas County) 180th & Fort St
80 lots, prices from $225K and up, close to Prairie View Recreational Area

-Pier 15 (known prior as Lakeview Pointe) (Douglas County) Northwest of 168th & Fort St
88 lots, close to Prairie View Recreational Area
-Avenue One (Douglas County) 192nd & West Dodge Road
Mixed Use Development, 2000 Residential Units
Jasperstone Development

-Sagewood Village (Douglas County) 180th & Fort